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Smokin' Windmill BBQ

There is no other barbeque like Texas.

The Smokin Windmill brings Texas BBQ with a Barbeque Pit Master. Located in Bridgeport, Texas at Camp ““quitcherbichin” located on the Bridgeport lake RV Park & Cabin Resort.

Our passion for barbecue started like it does for so many others – tasting authentic Texas Barbeque.

Texas Barbeque is the king of all cookouts and heartbeat of the modern American family.
“We are proud to offer Texas and the world a taste of what we consider our barbeque. A blend of the “Old” smoke house with modern influences of the “New” American family. We are pleased to offer a BBQ experience for you. Bring extra napkins and your appetite, we will do the rest.

Smokin Windmill Menu

Camp Open: Year Round

Peak Season: May 27 - August 20

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